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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You want to know why I hate dailies so much?

I have a couple of reasons:

1. I die a lot. At first I just died. All the time. Now that my gear is a lot better I don't die due to NPCs anymore.

2. I die a lot. I am one of those kill-on-sight people. Today I was minding my own business while the rest of the Hordies mount counterattacks to the Alliance gank fest going on. One of said Alliance gankers runs over and sits down to drink near me. A paladin. I watch him drinking while I loot the mobs I've killed. Then I wave as I run by. A second later he Judges me and I am thinking WTF. I did nothing but wave as he healed himself from a very low health. Why would that warrant a gank? I didn't even fight back. I just stood and shook my head in disappointment at him.

I run back and res when I see him chasing a warrior down. I do my best to mana drain him and get his health down, but the warrior really isn't helping at all and I'm still at half health/mana from resurrecting. Well I got smashed again and all the Hordies nearby start grouping up over General chat. Sancity, wherever you are, you are an annoying nuisance. Get over yourself and go bg or something.

3. It takes me so damn long to kill things! I did dailies on Z's lock and he two-shots the mobs it takes me actual effort to kill. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong either....

4. I never have enough inventory or quest log space. I am a huge packrat! Dailies are an annoyance to my bag space.

5. I always forget to take the ley reading by the demon portal. I usually realize this when I am over killing nagas.

6. Nagas don't drop iron keys.

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