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Due to the awkward look and feel of Tauren in the Undercity, guards will no longer permit their entry and have been flagged to kill on sight. Tauren, you've been warned.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You want to know why I hate dailies so much?

I have a couple of reasons:

1. I die a lot. At first I just died. All the time. Now that my gear is a lot better I don't die due to NPCs anymore.

2. I die a lot. I am one of those kill-on-sight people. Today I was minding my own business while the rest of the Hordies mount counterattacks to the Alliance gank fest going on. One of said Alliance gankers runs over and sits down to drink near me. A paladin. I watch him drinking while I loot the mobs I've killed. Then I wave as I run by. A second later he Judges me and I am thinking WTF. I did nothing but wave as he healed himself from a very low health. Why would that warrant a gank? I didn't even fight back. I just stood and shook my head in disappointment at him.

I run back and res when I see him chasing a warrior down. I do my best to mana drain him and get his health down, but the warrior really isn't helping at all and I'm still at half health/mana from resurrecting. Well I got smashed again and all the Hordies nearby start grouping up over General chat. Sancity, wherever you are, you are an annoying nuisance. Get over yourself and go bg or something.

3. It takes me so damn long to kill things! I did dailies on Z's lock and he two-shots the mobs it takes me actual effort to kill. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong either....

4. I never have enough inventory or quest log space. I am a huge packrat! Dailies are an annoyance to my bag space.

5. I always forget to take the ley reading by the demon portal. I usually realize this when I am over killing nagas.

6. Nagas don't drop iron keys.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A WoW-related topic:

Listen up, little noobs. I am a nice person. I am nice to a fault. When people beg me for stuff, I give it to them because I sincerely hope that they will then become better little noobs, or that they will eventually pay me back for whatever favor or amount of gold I have given them!

And I've had pretty good luck with that so far. In my two-plus years of playing, I've been lending people stuff from the very beginning (I had a blessed childhood, never holding less than ten gold in my Change Purse of Awesome*), and I've never had a real problem with people not paying me back. I like to think it was because people are just good people, but really it was probably because they were just good enough to not take advantage of a sweet little femtroll huntard.

Anywho, this all has a point!

I have a, uhm, sorta kinda friend. He is a troll hunter that I met when leveling my shammy alt Tealla. He was in need of some serious help back then (and still does need help), so I was nice and helped him pick a pet and fix his spec up. Then (and this was my big mistake) I got on Gal and I ran him through RFC so I could teach him what drops were good for him and which weren't (STR gear is a no no!). Alrighty, cool, I made a new friend.

However, this was months ago! I expected him to grow up and forget all about the chick who helped him learn not to be an idiot. But nooooo. To this day I still get whispers from him asking me to run him through stuff and just telling me random things he's done. Omg you got a mount? Great, now stop bugging me.

What's worse is that I once again agreed to run him through something, this time SM. He was way too low, so I shouldn't have taken him, but a guildie needed to go, too, so fine, why not.

Do you know how many times he died? I just stopped trying.

After that was over I thought stuff would go back to normal. I logged and went on an alt to hide from him (seriously, isn't 3/4 wings of SM enough?!).

Apparently not, because the guildie I had helped dinged 70 the next week (yeah I am serious) and told me that the hunter had been bugging him every time he logged on for runs through stuff. And now when I log on he introduces his little friends to me. He's probably told them how nice I am and how willing I am to run noobs through stuff.

You'd think I'd learn my lesson, right?

Yesterday a level eleven orc warrior whispers me and asks me really nicely if I'd mind running him through RFC. I hesitate, but then he tells me that people say he's too low to be in their groups. Granted, he is too low. He can't go into LFG yet and he can't be summoned or use the summoning stone. But I've been there, you know? I've been healing RFC on Bloofish since he was level ten. I finally agree and he invites me to a group. There's a druid in the group, too, who turns out to be a really cool guy. I get on an alt to summon the druid and we beat RFC into a pulp.

After the run, they thank me profusely, and then let me go on my way. What is great is that I don't ever expect to hear back from them again. I helped them out, they were appreciative, now they'll leave me alone. How great is that?!

So, dear nooblings, I'd love to help you, lend you money, teach you how to play, tell you what addon makes my pet talk, or run you through an instance if I have time.

But please, treat me with respect afterwards. Thanks is all I need. I never need to hear from you again. I had fun while we were together, but enough is enough. Good luck, happy questing, see you when you are 70.

*Mine is brown. It rocks.

More RSS Feed Spam?


Anyways, blog still undergoing some stuff, I'll let you all know if, and when, I may make a permanent move over to WordPress. No worries, mon, no worries.

In the meantime I guess I'll tell you all about my first (omgfirstever!) Karazhan!

I logged on Gal one night to see my lovely little druid Nachos in a raid group with his good friend Feraldruidtankofawesome (aka Swagger). They have feral tank camaraderie foshizzle.

"Gal! Gal! My sweet, my love, my most awesome little baby huntard! We must have another DPS and you would be perfect with your big red death machine* and epic DPS-making bow!"



"Okee dokee!!"

I get summoned to Kara just in time for a million bajillion buffs and two trash mobs to go down. Then it's time for Netherspite!

Which we wipe three times on due to poor communication. But, oh, the sheer awesome fun of wiping!

(I get lost trying to run back after we die and need a lock summon, heheheh....)

We head on over to chess. Also fun, but by the time I figure out how to even move my demon guy, the game is over and we've won.

(By the way, I love Medivh, too, Pike!)

Then we go back to Netherspite and one-shot him. Sweeetness. I am doing near top damage/DPS (top three, bitches!).

Next up is Prince. One-shot. THE bow and my T4 ring drop! I decide to roll on the ring (and I win with a high 93!) and I pass on the bow for the hunter (orc huntress, actually) with a Valanos.

Overall a great night. I look forward to going back!

I have good Karma right now, but don't let me jinx it! Knock knock.

*I never mentioned the outcome of my 70th Ding Spec War, did I?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Kay when did WordPress become so complicated? More importantly, when is BRK coming out with a guide to using WordPress? Maybe he already has one....

(BRK has everything, amirite?)

EDIT: to add that BRK doesn't, in fact, have everything (get on that, man!), and also that WordPress is a lot easier when you go to WordPress.com rather than WordPress.org. Who knew. Now you do.

WordPress also has a neat-o import feature so I can copy over EVERYTHING from Blogger onto my WordPress version of Troll on a PowerBook (laptophunter.wordpress.com or something like that), which will make it a lot easier to kinda see what is what. I've always been blogging on Blogger (beta user ftw, back when stuff was simple and non-Google-y; liken it to pre-BC WoW compared to post-BC WoW: stuff was broken, but it was cooler and also very old school). My mom (omg?) also blogs on Blogger (no link for you).

EDIT 2: So I got everything imported and now it is telling me I need to go back and retag everything I've ever written. Is moving really worth it?

EDIT 3: Liveblogging FTW. I need to figure out how to post from MarsEdit to both Blogger and WordPress so stuff doesn't get fuhgged up. Also, links are cool. EDIT-within-an-EDIT: Tags vs. Categories? Blogger = tags. Tags = Categories on ME. Tags & Categories are different things on WP? Confirmed: now I have Tags AND Categories! Neat!

Blog Maintanance

To get myself back in the blogging groove again, Troll on a PowerBook will be undergoing a buncha layout changes, and in fact, might convert to WordPress just to try it out.

I also downloaded a trial of the best application EVA! It's a Mac (<3) - only blogging application called MarsEdit. I found it when perusing Banana Shoulders (which I adore) this morning. It is total cool! Total!

Here's a screenshot:

Uhm, gotta figure out how to authorize posting pictures through Blogger.

And dang, I had a long post written up after this all about noobs asking for money and runs through RFC. It was sooo eloquent! And then my computer froze (that's new) and I thought I had saved, but apparently not.

Oh well.

EDIT: to say that I actually had saved the post. Huzzah! I'll do a separate post for it, though.


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