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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blog Maintanance

To get myself back in the blogging groove again, Troll on a PowerBook will be undergoing a buncha layout changes, and in fact, might convert to WordPress just to try it out.

I also downloaded a trial of the best application EVA! It's a Mac (<3) - only blogging application called MarsEdit. I found it when perusing Banana Shoulders (which I adore) this morning. It is total cool! Total!

Here's a screenshot:

Uhm, gotta figure out how to authorize posting pictures through Blogger.

And dang, I had a long post written up after this all about noobs asking for money and runs through RFC. It was sooo eloquent! And then my computer froze (that's new) and I thought I had saved, but apparently not.

Oh well.

EDIT: to say that I actually had saved the post. Huzzah! I'll do a separate post for it, though.


danielpunkass said...

To upload for Blogger blogs, MarsEdit has to use Picasa. You can authorize it by visiting:


Rayare said...

ah thank you! you rock my world right now heheheh!!

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