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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Kay when did WordPress become so complicated? More importantly, when is BRK coming out with a guide to using WordPress? Maybe he already has one....

(BRK has everything, amirite?)

EDIT: to add that BRK doesn't, in fact, have everything (get on that, man!), and also that WordPress is a lot easier when you go to WordPress.com rather than WordPress.org. Who knew. Now you do.

WordPress also has a neat-o import feature so I can copy over EVERYTHING from Blogger onto my WordPress version of Troll on a PowerBook (laptophunter.wordpress.com or something like that), which will make it a lot easier to kinda see what is what. I've always been blogging on Blogger (beta user ftw, back when stuff was simple and non-Google-y; liken it to pre-BC WoW compared to post-BC WoW: stuff was broken, but it was cooler and also very old school). My mom (omg?) also blogs on Blogger (no link for you).

EDIT 2: So I got everything imported and now it is telling me I need to go back and retag everything I've ever written. Is moving really worth it?

EDIT 3: Liveblogging FTW. I need to figure out how to post from MarsEdit to both Blogger and WordPress so stuff doesn't get fuhgged up. Also, links are cool. EDIT-within-an-EDIT: Tags vs. Categories? Blogger = tags. Tags = Categories on ME. Tags & Categories are different things on WP? Confirmed: now I have Tags AND Categories! Neat!


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