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Friday, July 25, 2008

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Anyways, blog still undergoing some stuff, I'll let you all know if, and when, I may make a permanent move over to WordPress. No worries, mon, no worries.

In the meantime I guess I'll tell you all about my first (omgfirstever!) Karazhan!

I logged on Gal one night to see my lovely little druid Nachos in a raid group with his good friend Feraldruidtankofawesome (aka Swagger). They have feral tank camaraderie foshizzle.

"Gal! Gal! My sweet, my love, my most awesome little baby huntard! We must have another DPS and you would be perfect with your big red death machine* and epic DPS-making bow!"



"Okee dokee!!"

I get summoned to Kara just in time for a million bajillion buffs and two trash mobs to go down. Then it's time for Netherspite!

Which we wipe three times on due to poor communication. But, oh, the sheer awesome fun of wiping!

(I get lost trying to run back after we die and need a lock summon, heheheh....)

We head on over to chess. Also fun, but by the time I figure out how to even move my demon guy, the game is over and we've won.

(By the way, I love Medivh, too, Pike!)

Then we go back to Netherspite and one-shot him. Sweeetness. I am doing near top damage/DPS (top three, bitches!).

Next up is Prince. One-shot. THE bow and my T4 ring drop! I decide to roll on the ring (and I win with a high 93!) and I pass on the bow for the hunter (orc huntress, actually) with a Valanos.

Overall a great night. I look forward to going back!

I have good Karma right now, but don't let me jinx it! Knock knock.

*I never mentioned the outcome of my 70th Ding Spec War, did I?


Pike said...

Mediiiiiiivh <3

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